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Magik Charms

The Digital Witch Shop - Witchy Downloads for the Modern Witch

Magik Charms is a website that helps people to achieve their dreams and their happiness.

We have a large selection of charms and spells to give you the power to make your life a happier and healthier one.

The magik we use is derived from the ancient magik of the east.  From old and ancient civilizations that have lived from 5000 B.C. and have thrived on magik powers that ruled the world in ancient times.  As we know from our history books, all kings and nobles consulted the High Priestess or the sorcerer before embarking on any major decision such as war, marriage, and other daily life.
The world has not changed much since those days. People and religions from around the world still use the powers of Magik to solve or understand many of their problems.  Like everything else in life, there is the good and the bad, the light and the dark, and Magik is no different.  There is the good magik and the bad magik.

In Magik charms, we strive to bring the good magik to help people, we do not use black magik, voodoo or any bad spells that can harm anyone, as we are great believers in the Karma that runs the universe, and we are firm believers that black and evil Magik would always turn on its users to harm them in the end.  However we also try as much as possible to provide very powerful spells and charms to help those that have been victims of evil spells and curses.  We use the powers of all the good spirits we have at our disposal, from all the powerful eastern civilizations to undo the harm, cleanse the traces of the dark curses and black magic, as well as provide protection from future possible recurring harm.

Magik Charms can help you gain happiness, Love and wealth.
Magik charms can also protect you from evil powers and envious people
Magik Charms can remove any negative spells cast upon you

The tools at our disposal that we provide to our valued friends, are wide and varied.  Browse through our website, and feel free to ask questions and to read the various sections, and to decide which channels, spells and charms you feel are most related to your well being and happiness.

We pray that we can be of valued assistance in bringing you peace and happiness, as well as the luck that every one of us deserves.

Our Psychics offer:
– Interpretaion of your dreams to help you understand yourself better, and the messages contained within your dreams
– Personalised protection from harm and evil powers and energies
– Help to remove evil spells and negative energy cast against you and your family
– Open your wealth channels to increase your income
– Open your love channels to bring love to your life
– Open your energy channels to help you achieve your ambitions and to reach happiness
– Open your luck channels so that opportunities present themselves to you
– Read a personalized tarot cards to answer speific question you have about your life
– Summon the help of Angels to enrich your life and guide you and protect you
– Help strengthen your protection energy so that others cannot harm you

What we will not do, so please dont ask:
– we will never engage in any spell to harm anyone, no matter what
– we do not engage or encourage in any activity for getting revenge on anyone
– we will never accept to do any black magik or evil or dark magik towards anyone no matter what, so dont ask

Always remember that there is a free will, and no magik can override your free will.

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