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Psychic Reading Fraud Schemes and how people are tricked out of their money

Psychic Reading Fraud Schemes and how people are tricked out of their money

Scam psychics give the profession a bad name. They are well aware of the emotional vulnerability of the people who come to them seeking help for whatever problem they have. Whether genuine or not, these so-called psychics are quite adept in reading a person correctly. The moment a client walks in, these bogus psychics are able to identify the weak and gullible and the ones that look fearful and victimized. These, they know are the ones that can be easily duped with clever talk and unrealistic promises. Unlike in any other profession, psychics do not have to prove anything or provide physical evidence of their talents. They are extremely clever at getting the client to talk and before long can easily understand what they have come for.  But being masters at convincing others of their sincerity, they manage to get these poor souls to trust them on the promise of helping them to get rid of their bad luck or whatever assails them.
They are also able to convince them that it can be done,  but will take some time and how important it is that they keep visiting them and do exactly as instructed by following rituals and chanting spells for which a tidy sum is always charged.
Most people consult a psychic when they’re troubled in one way or another and their only wish is to get help from someone whom they feel can be trusted.  Whoever visits a psychic does so because of his or her faith in the psychic’s abilities to see into a person’s mind and identify what’s ailing them. In the case of genuine psychics, this is true because of their inherent talent of intuition or sixth sense as we call it which they develop through study and hard work.  These psychics have true sympathy towards their clients because of their sensitivity to another’s suffering and with their highly developed sense of extrasensory perception, they are able to get rid of the negative energies that create all the maladies in a person by transforming them into positive forces to help them lead better lives.
Unfortunately, however, real psychics are few and far between and you would be extremely lucky to come across one, especially if you try to find such a person on the web. Most are frauds that sometimes don’t even have an idea of what it is to have psychic powers; yet have the ability to fool gullible and emotionally distraught people into believing everything that is said to them. There have been many incidents where such crooks have even managed to get their clients to write property in their name by conning them into believing that they would come to harm if they keep it all to themselves or transfer to a family member.
There are many other frauds that get their clients dependent on them and have them visiting over and over again for various reasons with the clients doling out their hard-earned money to the psychics under the impression that they are being cured gradually by the charms and spells that are being used by the psychics.  Anyone looking for a genuine psychic must understand that these are very sympathetic people with a special talent and will never exploit someone for personal gain. Furthermore, their intention is not to earn money or become filthy rich through the suffering of others and will therefore not even advertise their whereabouts or their talents.

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