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Pendulum Dowsing Mystic Divination Guide

Pendulum Dowsing Mystic Divination Guide


Pendulum Dowsing How To Mystic Divination Guide Printable Grimoire Pages for Book of Shadow + 6 Boards, High Resolution Digital PDF Download

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8.5 x 11 inches

Item Description

An introductory guide to crystal dowsing

Learn how to communicate with mystic forces through Pendulum Dowsing.
An easy-to-read beginner’s guide to mystic divination.

Printable grimoire pages for your book of shadows.

Speak to mystic forces like a pro and see what your future may hold.

Pendulum Dowsing Pack Contents:

Pendulum Dowsing
– What is a Pendulum
– What is Pendulum Dowsing
– Pendulums and Divination
– How do pendulums work?
Personal pendulums
– Choosing a Pendulum
– How to make a pendulum
Before You Start
– Connecting to your pendulum
Holding A Pendulum
Pendulum Instructions
– Programming the pendulum
– Manual program
– Test the pendulum
– Pendulum swings
Asking Questions
May I? Can I? Should I?
Dowsing with Boards
– Holding the pendulum
– Programming your pendulum
– Test the pendulum
Dowsing Boards
– Numerical
– Alphabetical
– Yes / No / Maybe
– Degree Chart
– Health Chart
– Multi Optional Blank Chart
Maps, Runes, Tarot, and Oracle Cards
Other Pendulum Uses
– Healing Chakras
– Finding Lost Objects
– Clearing Energy
Pendulum Care
– Charging your pendulum
– Cleansing your pendulum
Troubleshooting Pendulums
– Why isn’t your pendulum working
– Things to keep in mind
Pendulum Styles
– Shapes
– Material
– Weight

Digital Download:

PDF 1 – 19 full colour JPGs
PDF 2 – 19 transparent background PNGs

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