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Elements Correspondences In Witchcraft

Elements Correspondences In Witchcraft


Elements Correspondences In Witchcraft. Printable grimoire pages for your Book of Shadows Spell Book. Earth, Fire, Air, Water Properties PDF

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Understand the Five elements in Witchcraft and improve your magick.
Wicca Elements Correspondence table cheatsheet for your Book of Shadows.

10 Full color printable high-resolution JPEGs.
10 Black and White printable high-resolution JPEGs.


Earth, air, water, fire, spirit.

The Elements Correspondences Include:

Symbol Direction Pentagram Contrary Basic Nature Natural Symbols Natural Elements Places How to Connect Alignment Energy Charge Qualities Aspects Qualities Positive Negative Invoking Banishing Type of Magick Ritual Forms Tools Ritual Work Actions Runes Tarot Colors Crystals / Minerals Stones Metals Plants Herbs Incense Animals Mythical Creatures Planets Astrology Guardian Angel Goddesses Gids Spirit Cards Senses Body Chakra Music Sabbats Season Time of Life Time of Day Day of Week Wind Soul Witch’s Pyramid Realm

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