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Witchcraft Apothecary Labels Bundle

Witchcraft Apothecary Labels Bundle


Witchcraft Apothecary Labels Bundle. Printable stickers & tags with magickal properties inscriptions for herbs, spices, fruits, nuts, & salts

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300 DPI, High-Resolution


2.2 inches – 3.5 inches

Witchcraft Apothecary Labels Bundle – Herb labels with Wiccan meanings and correspondence. Printable Witchcraft Sticker Tags

Over 400 Herb, Spices, Fruits, Nuts, and Salts Apothecary Jar Labels. Includes 23 blank apothecary labels plus 12 blank rectangle labels which are great for bottles.

Organize your herb rack and spice jars with these vintage-looking apothecary jar labels.

All herbs, spices, fruits, nuts, etc, have their own magickal attributes. Easily pair your intentions with the metaphysical attributes of the herbs you need for your cooking, magick spells, potions, and rituals for a more powerful spell.

The labels:

  • Herb’s name
  • Inscription of its metaphysical magickal properties in witchcraft
  • The element(s) it attains to (earth, fire, water, air)
  • Illustration of the herb

The kitchen witches’ apothecary herb label collection. Printable witchcraft labels, stickers, and tags with inscriptions of herbs and spices magickal uses and properties for all your spells and potions.

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Witchcraft Apothecary Labels Bundle Includes:
Herbs Apothecary Labels Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Nuts Apothecary Labels
Salt Apothecary Labels
Fruits Apothecary Labels:
23 Blank Apothecary Labels:
12 Blank Rectangle Sticker Labels

Google Drive access.

Each item comes in TWO DIFFERENT versions, full color and black on a transparent background which is great for printing on your own paper.

Print on regular or transparent sticker paper. You can also use any kind of paper you want and turn them into a découpage project.

Use a Cricut cutter printer for an optimal and professional finish.

Follow this link to see the complete list of all the herbs included in the Witchcraft Apothecary Labels Bundle 

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