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Beginner Witch Starter Pack

Beginner Witch Starter Pack


Beginner Witch Starter Pack – Digital witchcraft bundle made especially for the newbie witch. It contains the basics to get you started on your esoteric journey.

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8.5 x 11 inches

Item Description

Beginner Witch Starter Pack – Digital Download

The Witch Starter Pack covers the basics of witchcraft including candle magick, colour properties, magickal symbols, elemental correspondences, four spells that actually work, and other pages full of useful information for your grimoire.

This newbie witchcraft bundle starts with the classic Wiccan Rede, how to invoke the elemental pentagrams, altar tools and their magickal uses, the witchy names of herbs, crystals shape meanings and uses in witchcraft, alchemy symbols, rune symbols and meanings, Theban alphabet, the meanings of wax, smoke, and flames in candle magick plus a candle magick spell template, two charts covering the metaphysical associations and magickal properties of colours and the five elements in witchcraft, and four magick spells that really work.

Purchase, download, & print. Start building your own grimoire.

The Beginner Witch Witchcraft Bundle Includes:

Witchcraft Basics

Wiccan Rede

Earth Religion News’ Long version of the Wiccan Rede

Invoke And Banish The Pentagrams Of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, & Spirit

Learn where to start drawing your pentagram and which direction to move while summoning the elements in Elemental Magick

Altar Tools And Their Uses

An illustrated list of 48 witchcraft altar tools and their uses in magick spells and rituals.

Witchy Herb Names & Meanings *

A-Z list of witchy herb names and their secret meanings for herbs, spices, and flowers. Full colour only. No black-and-white version is available.

Crystal Shape Meanings & Uses In Witchcraft

Understand crystal shapes’ characteristics, properties, and uses and how each shape emits energy.

What You Will Download When You Purchase The Beginner Witch Witchcraft Starter Pack

You will download a zip file with 21 PDFs.

The 21 PDFs contain 41 full-color printable pages, 35 black and white printable pages, & two round charts for you to cut out and assemble.

All the files come in full-color and include a black and white printer-friendly version.

*  Witchy Herb Names and Meanings is the only item in this list that DOES NOT INCLUDE  a black-and-white version. 

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