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The Essential Witchcraft Correspondences and Properties Pack

The Essential Witchcraft Correspondences and Properties Pack


Magickal associations of herbs, crystals, colours, elements, weekdays, chakras and their magickal uses in spells, potions, and rituals.

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The Essential Witchcraft Correspondences And Properties Pack

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The witchcraft correspondences and properties pack contains the magickal associations of herbs, crystals, colours, elements, weekdays, and chakras and their magickal uses in spells, potions, and rituals.

Build your own grimoire or add sections to your book of shadows.

Cross-reference your spells ingredients with your intentions to make sure you get the most potent spells. Know which spells work best on Wednesdays, which colours to add, and when to use each crystal to boost your spells.

The pack also includes blank templates for Most of the charts used for you to fill in your own personal magickal correspondences.

188 full-colour pages and 188 black & white Printer Friendly Pages

The witchcraft correspondence pack contains nicely illustrated pages for easy reading and comes in two different versions.

The first version is in full colour on an antiqued, aged-looking paper.

The second version is black and white on a transparent background which is great for printing on your own paper or making your own magickal colouring grimoire book.

Use your witchcraft correspondences and properties pack as a digital file or download and print on your choice of paper.

14 downloadable PDFs totaling 188 full-colour pages and 188 black and white pages.

The Witchcraft Correspondences And Properties Pack Includes:

  1. Crystal Color Meaning
  2. Toxic Crystals
  3. Crystals & The Gods
  4. Crystals Ruling Planets
  5. Birthstones
  6.  Birth-Hour Stones
  7. Days & Gems
  8. Anniversary Stones
  9. Crystals in Astrology
  10. Gemstones in The Chinese Zodiac
  11. Crystals & Chakras
  12. Crystal Hardness
  13. Crystals & The Elements
  14. Crystals & Wu Xing
  15. Tarots & Crystals
  16. Crystals by Correspondences
  • The Five Elements In Witchcraft And All Their Associations
  • Elemental Magick Cross-Reference Charts
    1. The Elements in Witchcraft
    2. Element Associations
    3. Element Alignments
    4. Colours of the Elements
    5. Elements in Astrology – Planets & Zodiac
    6. Elements & the heavens – Goddesses, Gods, Guardian Angels, and Spirit
    7. Elements in Divination – Tarot (Major Arcana and suits), Runes, and cards
    8. Elements & the Body
    9. Elemental Spells and Rituals – Type of magic, ritual forms, actions
    10. Elemental Ritual Work
    11. The Elemental Pentagram
    12. Elements & Altar Tools
    13. Elements in Music
    14. Elements in Natural Resources – Crystals, minerals, stones, metals
    15. Elements in Nature – Plants, herbs, incense
    16. Elements in the Animal Kingdom
    17. Qualities of the Elements
  • Blank Charts
  • Metaphysical Associations Used In The Elemental Witchcraft Pack
    Alignment, Energy, Quality, Charge, Qualities, Direction, Pentagram, Contrary, Aspects, Basic Nature, Natural Symbols, Natural Elements, Places, How to Connect, Sabbats, Season, Time of Life, Time of day, Day of Week, Wind, The Soul, Witch’s Pyramid, Realm, Planets, Astrology, Goddesses, Gods, Guardian Angel, Spirit, Cards, Tarots, Runes, Senses, Body, Chakra, Music, Type of Magic, Ritual Forms, Tools, Ritual Work, Actions, Colours, Crystals, Minerals, Stones, Metals, Plants, Herbs, Incense, Animals, Mythical Creatures, Qualities, Positive, Negative
  1. The seven days of the week and their magickal associations
  2. Cover page
  3. Cross-reference charts
    1. Energies, Origins, & Days of the Week
    2. Planetary Bodies & Days (Chaldean Sequence also available in reverse)
    3. Weekday Property Chart
    4. Chakras & The Days
    5. Lucky Daily Charms
    6. Colors of the Week
    7. Animals Daily Associations
    8. Botanical Daily Associations
    9. Crystals, Rocks, & Minerals Daily Associations
    10. Gods, Go
    11. Aromas, Scents, & the Days
    12. Gods, Goddesses, & The Days They Rule
    13. Weekdays Magickal Associations
    14. Pairing Intentions & Days
  4. 5 Blank charts
  5. Metaphysical Associations Used In The Weekdays Magickal Associations Pack
    Symbol, Planet, Zodiac, Element, Direction, Name Origin, Archangel, Metal, Numbers, Music Note, Energy, Chakra, Charms, Clothes, Colour, Animal, Plant /Flower/Herb, Incense/Aroma/Scent, Stone, Goddesses, Gods, Magickal Association, Intentions
  1. Cover page
  2. Chakra yoga positions
  3. Chakras & the body
  4. Chakra basics
  5. Chakra energy
  6. Chakra Alignments
  7. How to balance your chakras
  8. Natural stones and chakras
  9. Chakras & food
  10. Aromatherapy for chakras: Incense & Oils
  11. Names & signs in Sanskrit
  12. Vibrations & chakras
  13. Mudras & chakras
  14. Two-page spread for each of the seven chakras
  • Chakras Associations for:
    Sanskrit name, Color, Location, Affirmation, Symbol, Center Shapes, Characteristics, Element, Planets, Day, Metals, Root Phases, Dominant Cycles, Energy State, Number, Demon, Sefirah, Balances, Bija Sound, Musical Note, Saregama Scale, Solfège Scale, Instruments, Vowel Sound, Frequency, Sense, Mudras, Body area, Endocrine Glands, System, Yoga Poses, Crystal, Aromatherapy: Oils / Incense, Food groups, Foods, Fruit & Veg, Herbs & Spices, Aromatherapy: Herbs Spices Oils Incense, Balanced / Open, Imbalanced / Blocked, How to Unblock, Orientation to Self, Function, Identity, Results, Meaning

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