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How to energize your chakras and connect them to heal your mind and body

How to energize your chakras and connect them to heal your mind and body

In order to find true peace of mind and body, it is necessary to cleanse, energize and connect your chakras which would greatly help in curing many health and psychological problems encountered in your daily life. The reason for such problems is mostly due to the negative energy lodged in your energy centres and before you do anything else, it’s necessary to release the negative source as quickly as possible.
Given below is a guide on how to release negative energy which in turn would help you to energize your chakras and heal yourself over time.
  1. Sit in a comfortable position, preferably cross-legged on the floor, but with your spine held upright. (If a newbie finds this position uncomfortable, they may sit on a cushion on the floor with the legs in front of the body). Next, you must tilt your pelvis forward while your spine bends forward through gravity.
  2. Relax in that position for a few minutes by taking a few deep breaths. Hold each breath for a short period and exhale slowly while making yourself relax. Clear your mind, but don’t try to control it. Learn to watch your thoughts drifting away as they vanish out of sight.
  3. Each chakra as you know has a specific colour. Commence by visualizing the crown chakra as a deep violet ball of light hovering over your head. Spend a few moments visualizing this chakra before moving on to the next which is the third eye. It’s an indigo colour ball of light in the middle of the forehead. In the same manner move from one chakra to the other; the throat chakra, a blue ball of light, the heart chakra, a green ball of light,  the one in the solar plexus, an yellow ball of light,  the sacral in orange and lastly the root chakra as a red ball of light.
  4. While moving from one chakra to the next you have to keep connecting them and imagine the light moving and joining from one chakra to the other.
  5. The final task is to visualize a column of white light that flows from your crown chakra to the spine and then to each of the other chakras, one by one.  When doing this, visualize the chakras as a white ball of energy.  You can also visualize the white light go deep into the earth or direct its energy to those you think need help to heal.
While the above are the basics of energizing, connecting and healing with chakras there are a few other methods that can be used once you have mastered the basics. You can imagine the white light coming out of the crown chakra and entering your body like a whirlwind taking away all negative energy. Some people visualize the chakras as lotus flowers that open to the sun. When you have mastered this system, you can even hum or chant a musical note to release the dark energy and clear your auras.

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