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Meditation for healing and stress control to lead to the manifestation of better physical health

Meditation for healing and stress control to lead to the manifestation of better physical health

Using proper meditation techniques mean less stress and anxiety, serenity and eventual transference to a higher level that will open you up to new experiences and insights you never thought possible. Whatever type of meditation you prefer using, they can only bring you positive results with higher levers of energy, better functioning of the immune system and a calmer outlook on life that can only lead to health, happiness and peace of mind and body. Research has shown that brain wave activity of those under meditation increases to levels that are not usually seen even during sleep. These studies have also been able to prove that people who meditated had slower heartbeats, improved blood circulation and fewer demands placed on their hearts resulting in lesser use of oxygen for bodily functions.

When a person has reached a certain level in their meditation activities, it is said that they even have the opportunity to heal their physical ailments although this has not been proved medically. There are however many cases where physical healing has been quickened through self-meditation; but for this, meditation has to be carried out regularly and on a daily basis which would naturally aid in greater relaxation, and strengthening of the immune system resulting in healing of ailments and physical problems. Meditation is also used as a way of curing insomnia which is a direct result of stress and anxiety that keeps many people awake at night. Transcendental Meditation has been found to be of great help in curing insomniacs that could not be cured any other way. This particular state of meditation helped in dissolving deep-rooted tension and rejuvenating the system on a psychological level to obtain immediate results without any unfavourable side effects.

With meditation needing only compliance of mind and body, it has been found to reduce the cost of health care and hospitalization. Meditation does not require medication and is such a simple and effective way of treating any physical or psychological ailment and one that can be easily incorporated into one’s schedule because the individual concerned is the only person involved in the specifics. When one starts meditation, their main aim is to induce relaxation of the mind and body so that they can get on with their lives without worrying about every little thing that has no importance at all. Those who treat patients for psychological and stress-related problems sometimes get their patients to listen to soothing music or specific meditation tapes in their sleep which are said to have a high impact on them by making them recover faster than those who had no exposure to the tapes.

After everything is said and done. Even doctors agree that there are real health benefits accrued to meditation with some of them being more beneficial than others. But the positive traits accorded to meditation in its ability to condition the human mind and body to reduce stress and anxiety, improve blood circulation, overcome insomnia, decrease blood pressure and lower cholesterol, lessen depression, reduce pain and help in the healing process is surely more than enough proof to recognize meditation as a means of achieving a sense of well-being which can also lead to the manifestation of better physical health. So let’s give meditation its due place and hope that more research and awareness programs are carried out for everyone to reap its immense benefits.

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