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How to achieve success in your work and life and reach your goals

How to achieve success in your work and life and reach your goals

Achieving success in your work and life through hard work is always more fulfilling than the success some people achieve overnight. A sudden windfall or overnight success does not last long because it doesn’t have the proper foundation which only those who achieve with much trial and tribulation can boast of and appreciate. The success thus achieved does not happen by chance. There would have been great courage, determination and many sacrifices for those people to reach their targets and most of them would most probably have been at a very low ebb at some time or other in their lifetime.
In order to achieve success, you need goals. These should be positive goals achieved through hard work and integrity and not by undercutting others or by benefiting through someone else’s misfortune. When setting a target, the mind should be clear as to what it wants to achieve. It should have a short term goal and an ultimate goal. You must have a clear cut plan on how you propose to reach your first goal. In order to do this, all negative and useless thoughts should be banished from within you. Strong belief in yourself together with a visual image of your goal should be very clearly imprinted on your mind. It does not matter what the ultimate target is; it could be one as high as becoming the president of the country or as simple as gaining a place in the football team. What’s important is having an objective and the determination to reach it.
Next, its time to decide the time frame, how long before you can achieve your goal; first the short term and once you pass that, the long term goal. This can be a few weeks or a few years; but it should be based on your capabilities, the hurdles you will have to face and the unforeseen that can always happen; but never, that it might not happen. This is negative thinking and should not be resorted to. Always say to yourself that you will achieve your target and visualize yourself as an important member of the team bringing glory to your club or imagine being sworn in as the President. Never lose sight of your goals and never let outside forces steer you away from achieving what you want.
This is where the strength of your mind comes in. The stronger the belief you have in yourself and your ability to reach the goal the better chance you have of actually doing so. Get rid of the people who laugh at your dreams or scoff at your ideals and start associating with those who encourage and support you.  Listen to their suggestions and absorb what you feel is positive and disregard everything else. Keep in mind that nothing can be achieved if you’re not a hundred percent healthy. If you have a mind free of clutter, it’s easy to absorb positive energy that makes you stronger. Lead a clean and healthy life and you will see how your life begins to improve dramatically while you work your way towards achieving your goals.

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