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Power of the mind over the body, how to train your mind

Power of the mind over the body, how to train your mind

Are you lazy, lethargic and not really concerned about getting things done in life or achieving goals that you know you can but feel you just can’t be bothered with? That’s because your mind has become weak and let the body take over your life and since it’s not the body that conceives your life, the mind has taken a back seat. If you want to get your life back in order, you must train your mind so that it has power over your body and be able to tell the body what should be achieved.
If your mind has not been in use for a considerable period of time, it will take some time for you to get it back to its initial status in order to make your life more productive. This can only be done by training your mind to take over your body to do what it must do.  So let’s see how this can be achieved.
  • Start having positive thoughts. One of the biggest problems we face today is having too many negative ideas and viewpoints being thrown at us from all sides. This is so evident when you read the newspapers, watch TV or even while listening to your friends talk. It’s all about how bad things are, how impossible work is or how corrupt the government is etc, all of which puts us in a negative frame of mind with or without our knowledge and before long we too begin to think that there’s no point in anything. We must cleanse our minds of these negative thoughts as soon as possible and start thinking of the good things in life and the opportunities we have that can be made use of.


  • The best way to clear the mind is through meditation. Clear everything that’s not necessary. We have so much useless information stored in our brains that we don’t have enough room to take in the good things. Once you start ridding your mind of rubbish, there’s space for the positive thoughts to flow in. Start thinking positively. Keep saying repeatedly, “I can do whatever I want to do”, “I am capable”, I am positive”, “I have inner strength”, etc.
  • Once you have strengthened your mind and filled it with positive thoughts, reinforce it by making sure that no negative thoughts can enter again. Don’t let others make you feel down by their depressing talk or action. Don’t let other’s troubles bring you down. This might be rather difficult to do, especially if you’re surrounded by many negative forces such as your co-workers or family members. In such cases, you have to make sure their talk does not get a hold on your mind; shun them as you would rubbish and let that type of talk pass over your head and not through your mind.
No one says this is easy to do. It needs a lot of will power and belief in yourself to strengthen your mind which in turn will strengthen your body and your ability to reach your desired goals and achieve the inner peace and tranquillity you need so much to make a success of your life.

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