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History of Modern Magick and Psychic People

History of Modern Magick and Psychic People

Magic has been a subject of fascination and much debate since the dawn of civilization and can be called an art and a science at the same time. Magic has been used since ancient days to manipulate unseen forces to create natural or unexplained phenomena in the world we live in as well as in the realms of the unknown. Magic has been evolving down the ages with there being certain periods, especially in Europe when magicians that formed secret societies were able to control the forces of nature by harnessing the spirits of demons.
Modern magic made its appearance in the twentieth century when the greatest magician of all times Aleister Crowley studied the ancient systems and devised them in a way to introduce a new form of magic. It was he who suggested that the spelling of the word “magic” be changed to “magick” to denote the difference between stage magic and the more serious occult magic.  A magician can in fact do certain things that cannot be understood by an ordinary person and baffle even a philosopher.  It is, however, possible for anyone to practice magick and use it for whatever purpose they wish. Keep in mind, however; magick itself is neither good nor evil and it is the magician who decides for what purpose he uses the application of his powers.
If you think you wish to learn and practice magick, the first question you should ask yourself is why you wish to practice magick and what do you hope to do with it. Some do it as a means of acquiring powers that others do not have; while others wish to connect with divine forces through the use of magick. There are of course the truly noble that wish to practice it in order to attain a higher level of spiritualism and finally the ones that wish to use it as an evil force to destroy someone or something.

Psychic People

Psychics are individuals that have a special talent to use their inherent psychic powers to help others.  They have what is called Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) or a sixth sense that normal people don’t have. They can be clairvoyants meaning they have the gift of foresight or mediums that channel the spirits. Psychics are usually born with the power but develop it further to enhance their skills without which they could be as ordinary as you and I. Yet, they have certain common characteristics that set them apart from non-psychic people. Those are:
1. Imagination; which stems from the creative part of the brain and helps psychic people to have visions and daydreams.
2. The ability to focus on your inner self and believe in what ‘You’ see and not what others see and
3.  Sensitivity; Being sensitive to the energy around you, and feeling the emotions of the people surrounding you.
As you can see, magicians and psychics have a lot in common and it all bottles down to how you use these special gifts, whether they were inborn or developed and practiced later on. Same as magick can vary from doing the ultimate good to the performing of black art, psychic people can use their talents to help or destroy others. It all lies within us and how we choose to apply these powers during our lifetime.

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