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Energy in Witchcraft

Energy is a central concept in witchcraft and is believed to be the underlying force behind all spells and magical practices. Energy can be understood as the life force that animates all living things, and is often referred to as “magickal energy” or simply “energy” by witches.

Witches believe that energy can be harnessed and directed to bring about desired outcomes. This is the basis of spellcasting, as the spellcaster uses their intention, visualization, and symbols to direct the energy towards a specific outcome.

There are many different ways to work with energy in witchcraft. Some common techniques include meditation, visualization, affirmations, and the use of symbols. These techniques help the spellcaster to focus their energy and direct it towards their desired outcome.

Energy can also be raised and increased through practices such as dance, drumming, and other forms of movement. This is why many rituals and ceremonies in witchcraft include movement and physical activity, as they help to raise energy and create a powerful charge for the spell.

In addition to raising energy through movement, energy can also be raised through the use of natural elements such as herbs, crystals, and candles. Each of these elements is believed to hold its own unique energy, and by incorporating them into spells, the spellcaster can tap into this energy to increase the power of their spell.

Energy is a central concept in witchcraft. It is believed to be the underlying force behind all spells and magical practices. By harnessing and directing energy through techniques such as visualization, affirmations, symbols, and the use of natural elements, witches can bring about desired outcomes and bring their intentions to fruition.

There are many ways to raise energy in witchcraft, also known as “casting a circle” or “raising power.” Here are a few methods:

  1. Visualization: This involves visualizing and imagining energy flowing through your body and into the space around you.
  2. Movement: You can also raise energy by physically moving, such as through dancing, jumping, or waving your arms.
  3. Chanting or singing: Repeating words or singing can help to raise energy and focus your intention.
  4. Deep breathing: Taking deep, slow breaths can help to calm the mind and increase energy levels.
  5. Using tools: Some witches use tools such as crystals, wands, or drums to help focus their intention and raise energy.
  6. Elemental Invocation: Call upon the elements (earth, air, fire, water) to help raise energy and provide support for your spell work.
  7. Nature: Spending time in nature, such as walking barefoot on the earth or meditating near a body of water, can help to connect with natural energy and raise your own.
  8. Candles: Light candles of different colours to represent different elements or energies, and focus on their light to raise energy.
  9. Salt: Sprinkling salt around your space can help to purify and protect it, creating a more conducive environment for raising energy.
  10. Herbs: Burning sage, lavender, or other herbs can help to purify a space and raise energy levels.


These are just a few examples, and you can use any combination of methods or create your own unique ritual to raise energy in your practice. It is important to remember that energy raising is a personal practice and may look different for each individual. Experiment with different methods to find what works best for you.

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